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Hey there.

I'm temporarily back atm. just doing some changes to the website so it can stay up and I do not have to keep paying for it. And that's something that we will have to live with for now since too few people actually put some money to into the community to keep the website going.

However due to recent event, I am going to give tell you a bit about what's going on and etc.

So to put it down to a short description on what's been going on and etc.
I just lost faith in the community after I was backstabbed by my most trusted admins and half of the community.
So I decided to not continue anymore because history repeats itself once more and I just don't have the courage to build up the community once more.

But there are some good news behind all this after all.
I have started the vanilla server anew for my friends only on the latest minecraft version. And I will allow some of you into the server if you have added me to steam friends list.
If I feel like it I may try and continue on Faroe Craft once again and let people into the servers again.  And the FTB server has a new mudpack installed as well.
However it does require some courage from my side since I've lost interest due to what happened.

So if there is still anyone that feels like continuing on the servers I got please add me on steam and I will see if I will add you.
You will get on if I have known you long enough and people whom have never played on the Faroe Craft server may as well forget about it for now.

But I do miss you all and we will see how things go from now on, I will leave the website open on a free plan which does not allow the amount of content and advanced stuff on the website, so it will probably be stripped down.


karontik Man i miss faroe, freaking back stabbers ruin the server for others, guessing i cant join (dont have you on steam fire)
bradlessss i already have you on steam fire, can i be added?
Alex31313 I really do hope we can start up he community again.
Hey there Faroe Craftians!

The FTB server has been updated to the latest recomended build.
So in your clients you should be able to use the recomended once again.
Just so you know, the FTB server version is 1,0,16

Cheers and have fun!
dtkdad Another update 1,0,18 now gotta love FTB ...
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Alex31313   You're welcome, now somebody post something.
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